Chad Taylor was born in Tempe, Arizona on March, 19, 1973. Chad came from a musical family. His father was once a concert pianist. Eager to get his father's attention he started playing guitar at age 7. In 1983 he moved with his mother and sister to Chicago where he attended Ogden Elementary. Chad wanted to participate in music at school so in addition to guitar he began studying percussion. In 1987 Chad attended Lane Tech High school where he continued his studies in the orchestra and concert band. While a freshman in high school Chad met Mathew Lux (Isotope 217, Exploding Star Orchestra, Iron and Wine) who encouraged him to pursue the drumset and encouraged him to start listening to jazz. After his classes ended at Lane, Chad would frequently go to the Bloom school of Jazz and take more music classes. At night he would go to jazz clubs to hang out and learn from great musicians like Lyn Holiday, Dennis Carrol and Bobby Broom. In 1988 Chad started performing gigs around the city with Rob Mazurek, Jeff Parker, Eric Alexander and other great young musicians. In 1991 Chad was offered a scholarship to study classical guitar at Milikin University in Decatur Illinois. Reluctantly he accepted. Eventually he grew frustrated with the guitar and classical music in general, and decided to concentrate his studies on jazz drumming. "One day I listened to Henry Threadgill's Air Song with the great Steve McCall on drums. It was at this point that I knew I was a drummer and that I was in the wrong place." Chad moved to NYC in 1992 to attend the New School of Jazz where he studied with Reggie Workman, Joe Chambers, Horrace Arnold, Yoron Isreal, Pheroan Aklaff. While in New York Chad played in the Life Ensemble which featured Andy Bemkey, Tom Abbs, Brian Settles and David Minasian. He also got the opportunity to perform with jazz legends Lou Donaldson, Arnie Lawrence and Junior Mance as well as young talented musicians like J.D. Allen and Kurt Rosenwinkle. In 1997 Chad moved back to Chicago, where he helped form the Chicago Underground Ensembles with Rob Mazurek and Jeff Parker. He also started performing regularly with the Fred Anderson Trio and the trio Sticks and Stones, a collective with Matana Roberts and Josh Abrams. In 1999 Chad recorded and toured with singer-song writer Sam Prekop (The Sea and Cake) In 2001 Chad moved back to New York where he started working again with Tom Abbs. In 2004 they formed the band Triptych myth with Cooper-Moore. Chad and Cooper-Moore later on formed the band Digital Primitives with Assif Tashar. In 2006 Chad started playing with Marc Ribot in his Spiritual Unity project. In 2008 Chad started playing drums with the indie rock band Iron and Wine and also recorded with the Oscar winning artist The Swell Season. Chad has performed at most major jazz and rock festivals around the world including The Chicago Jazz festival, The Tel Aviv Jazz Festival,The Berlin Jazz, Festival, Molde Jazz Festival, Banlieus Blues, The Roma Jazz Festival, The Montreal Jazz Festival, The Vancouver Jazz Festival, The London Jazz Festival, All Tomorrow's Parties, Lalapolooza, Mt Fuji Festival, Pitchfork, and Bonnaroo. Chad has performed on over 50 recordings and has had the opportunity to work with Fred Anderson, Pharoah Sanders, Marc Ribot, Derek Baily, Ken Vandermark, Sonny Simmons, Matana Roberts, Angelica Sanchez, Eugene Chadbourne, Joe McPhee, Peter Brotzman, Roscoe Mitchell, William Parker, John Zorn, Rob Brown, Kid Jordan, Leroy Jenkins, Fred Hopkins, Evan Parker, Henry Grimes, Nicole Mitchell, Ernest Dawkins, Marilyn Crispell, Ellery Eskelin, Steve Lehman, Bobby Bradford, Jeff Parker, Butch Morris, Doug Carn, Joe Manneri, J.D. Parran, Nate Wooley, Mary Havelson, Tony Malaby, Craig Taborn, Jim O'rourke, Eric Revis, Charles Gayle, Malachi Favors, Roy Campbell, Steve Swell, Daniel Carter, Sabir Mateen, Jemeel Moondoc, and many other great improvisers. Chad currently lives in Jersey City where he leads his own band Circle Down.